Video Poker:
A joker in our portfolio.

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Looking for that original Las Vegas vibe? With Omnigame’s very own version of Video Poker, you got a full house! Try our new spin on this classic online casino game and go all in on the entertainment. Play up to 10 hands at the same time, and watch out for the valuable gold cards! Collect 5 of them, and you’re ready for a shot at the big Jackpot chance. Whether you’re a shark or a small fish, it doesn’t matter. Omnigame’s Video Poker has low pace and very low volatility – everybody can enjoy the game! So, get ready to create winning combinations, and watch the poker tables turn in your favor. We are not bluffing – the RTP is very high. That’s why we say, ‘Omnigame’s Video Poker – it’s a joker!’