Welcome to the future of iGaming.

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Omnigame is spearheading a revolution of the iGaming industry. We want to create groundbreaking, never-before-seen games with unique mechanics that provide exceptional and amazing experiences for players. Everything we do, we do inhouse. Concepts, illustrations, animations, sound design, and development. Innovation is the name of our game.

As a game studio, platform provider, and operator in one, we at Omnigame want to show that it’s possible to own and control the full journey. With our integrated approach, we craft every step for ultimate enjoyment. From unique games to seamless player engagement, which can be experienced on our Danish casino site, pip.dk. Are you ready for the future of iGaming? Here it is.

Unique games.
Unique experiences.

Have a look.

Different departments. Same goal

Motion Graphics

One of our favorite magic tricks: The illusion of motion. Our motion graphic designers work around the clock to make anything and everything in our games move. Why? Because it moves people.

Game Development & Math

Turning great ideas into greater games is our greatest effort. But that’s what we do - all the time. Programming, animation, sound design, asset integration, math, coding, caking.

Sound Design

Games without sound are like silent movies. A dimension is missing. Our sound designers are the best in the business. They make sound in space. They make fire cry. They even play the violin.


From sketch to screen, our illustrators breathe life into our gaming adventures by crafting landscapes and environments, characters and creatures, artifacts and effects.

Game Design

Where do game ideas come from? A game designer will probably say: Dunno. But inspiration comes from anywhere. A lifetime of gaming also helps.

This is Omnigame.

Our code of the road. Let’s go. Together


Our passion for crafting unique and immersive games is limitless.


Global talent and different perspectives are our secret cheat codes.


Say hello to the best work/life balance in the world.


Flat structure. No one bosses around. Teamwork is a superpower.


6-weeks annual leave, health insurance, pension scheme & hair care.


‘Play’ is in our DNA. Every day and all the way.

60 omnigamers

Everything from brand people to developers.

29 games

… and counting. Omnigame-made, beautiful, unique, and fun.

+15 nationalities

From all over the world, gathered in Copenhagen, speaking English.

Are you game?

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