Mining Madness:
Crafted from the bottom

So, you like to dig deep? We do too.

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When we search for new game ideas, we search for rare gems. Games that stand out. Games that manifest a world of their own. Mining Madness is a blockbuster in our exclusive  Wheels-of-Reels™ slot series with its unique mechanics and highly entertaining gameplay. The illustrations and art direction of Mining Madness is created with a nod to the golden age of American animation. Players take on the role of Diamond Jack, a crazy miner with just one gold tooth left in his mouth. Everything – from motion graphics to the howling of Diamond Jack – is done in a cartoonish, exaggerated style. Mining Madness’ sound design contributes to the Western-like atmosphere of the game. It’s the sound of old America, the sound of Klondike and bluegrass music. Yup, we’ve used banjos and fiddle violin. We’ve even used shackles and pickaxes. Because there is nothing more satisfying than the sound of digging deep. NB! The popularity of Diamond Jack has spawned our first ever sequel, Mining Madness 2.