Garden of Pets:
Pawsibly the cutest game ever.

Slot machine design at its most purrfect

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Breaking mews! If you ever wondered how fun online casino and iGaming could be, wonder no more as Omnigame’s Garden of Pets absolutely fills the slot and then some. This game is just dif-fur-ent! Stick your nose into the garden where Spot, Selma and all the other pets are waiting for you. Feel the fun of the 3-of-a-kind mechanics and immerse yourself in the most fluffy visuals ever seen in a slot machine. No kitten! The adorable, small creatures inhabiting Garden of Pets will brighten your day any day. Also, be sure to check out the bonus games, Bet-a-Pet and Pet-a-Pet, as you leave the main games’ medium pace and medium volatility. Try our sweetest title once, and we promise you: Garden of Pets will stay with you fur-ever.