Legend of the Four Symbols:
Find your inner chi.

We’ve created a beast

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Crafted with skill and wisdom, the Legends of the Four Symbols slot machine, takes place in a secluded mountain village of the ancient East where time seems to stand still while the wind softly caresses the leaves of the old eucalyptus tree. But beware! High volatility, fast-paced gameplay, and a certain legend about four mythical, sleeping beasts will change everything. Though you don’t need a black belt in slot machines to handle this, it’s going to take all your mental strength to wake up the tiger, the dragon, the turtle, and the crane. So, breathe in and breathe out. You’re about to witness the full impact of spiritual aesthetics and flawless Wheels-of-Reels™ mechanics, showcasing the craftsmanship of iGaming at its finest.