Reach the top in Blobs.

Crazy iGaming craft at its finest

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Beep-beep, take a trip and reach the top in Blobs. Yup, Omnigame’s most wacky game is rolling out over the hills, and our teams sure had a ball with this one. From brainstorming sessions to coding marathons, our developers have infused Blobs with cartoony details and quirky animations. Join the pixel party in this cute cluster-based slot machine and hook up with the three main blobs: Boosty, Munchy, and Wildy. Also try out the bonus game, Magic Mode, or take a swing at the Jackpot Chance, hitting as many wild fire-blobs as you can. Blobs is inspired by mission-based, casual mobile  games and comes with medium volatility and a very high game pace. Everything is made to bubble, bounce, and beam.